Image Reconstruction

Image Reconstruction

We use techniques from ML, compressed sensing and Bayes’ theorem to improve the quality, speed or cost of medical scans.

We can tackle many different data modalities (brain MRIs, PET, CT, …), chest X-rays, any many more. Such techniques can correct scanning artefacts, motion of patients in the scanner, re-construct from 2D to 3D, and recontruct undersampled MRI which only measure a few points in k-space.

We also use Bayesian techniques such as MCMC or Variational Inference to learn a distribution over the space of potential solutions, this is highly important for such ill-posed problems.

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Razvan Marinescu
Assistant Professor

My research interests are in Machine Learning, and it’s applications in Healthcare and Molecular Biology. I am doing research in generative models, bayesian modelling, causal ML, compositional ML and multimodal modelling.